about me

I think I could describe my childhood years as a creative dreamer and a quiet observer. I would find form in things like clouds and colour where no one else saw it, the domain of a creative child I’m told.

My earliest memories are of the African Bush, her magnificent landscapes and the beating heart of any country privileged to have wildlife. My heart has always belonged to the great outdoors and I am at my happiest immersed in capturing light as it plays its self out across the landscape and bathes my wildlife subjects, bringing them to life and showing their sheer perfection to my lens.

I started my wildlife photography journey with nothing but a passion to capture what I had seen unfold before me for years. Determined I could achieve that, I set out with the most basic of equipment and my efforts were rewarded.

I fortunately love travel and being in my own company, so I spend months on the road in perfect partnership with the animals, perfect light and the landscape. As my confidence grew and my images started to speak for themselves, so too did my range of equipment, as did the awards.

My proudest moment was, being made a Licentiate by the Photography Society of South Africa. I take so much pride in each step I have taken and such joy to see my work hanging on walls of game lodges across Africa.

The opportunity to shoot side by side many well known professional wildlife and nature photographers and mastering many photography courses, have taken my photography full circle.   Teaching and mentoring have brought me into contact with such talented and fabulous people.

I love teaching, it is pure bliss to watch someone start out awkwardly and blossom into a confident photographer, proud of what they are achieving.

I relish my time in both lectures and out in the bush with students so eager to learn. My experience of teaching leaves my feeling that the further I go, the more my students teach me. It’s a wonderfully exciting union and love that I can share my knowledge and see people grow creatively as wildlife photographers, in ways they never thought possible.

As a passionate wildlife and nature photographer, I support nature conservation and protecting our wildlife and birds.  It gives me great pleasure to share my knowledge with unprivileged school children, as I believe it plays a considerable role in protecting our fauna and flora.

My philosophy is that anyone can acquire technical skills in photography, but you need heart, passion and a deep connection with what is around you to capture the finest of what Mother Nature has on offer.

Wildlife | Avian | Nature Photography Courses:
I am proud to be a Facilitator at DPC – http://digitalphotographycourses.co.za – one of South Africa’s top photography institutions. We offer various photography courses | workshops and safaris, where I work with Danie Bester, founder of the school, to cover their wildlife workshops and Safaris.

For enquiries email Jenna direct; mailto:info@dpc.co.za – Alternately click on dpc logo (link) below.

For private one-on-one lessons, please contact me via email –  bruna@dpc.co.za

For 2020 wildlife photography tours, contact me via email – bruna@dpc.co.za